Your Ride, Your Rules

In the world of sports, men get more attention, so Specialized set out to promote women's cycling through a magazine-based site with editorials showcasing women - from elite pros to hard-working mums - who ride Specialized bicycles.

This site needed an edge to be a go-to place for women interested in cycling, promoting the sport with equality and showcasing the lifestyle and choices made by the women featured, with cycling at the heart of what they do. This meant a number of key features all requiring bespoke technical solutions which lead to some interesting new OS package builds.

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    Excellent Content Editor Experience
    Bespoke Solutions

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Customisation in editing

Built prior to the implementation of the Grid released in Umbraco 7.2, we took it upon ourselves to build several bespoke editors, including Mortar; a custom grid editor and Photon; a metadata based image hot-spot editor perfect for the flat-lay product shot images we had to accommodate, allowing for streamlined flexibility for the content editors in this highly modular and flexible CMS design.

We added multi region / lingual support, and gave the articles text highlighting share dialog a la Medium style to increase engagement with their readers and community.