The #1:1 Translation Tool

Vorto wraps any Umbraco property editor instantly converting it into a 1:1 translatable field.

Out-of-the-box, the recommended Umbraco multilingual approach is to use the "site per language" pattern. Whilst this does have the added flexibility of allowing different site structures per language, sometimes a 1:1 approach is a better fit, for example, in a shared products repository.

With Vorto, any fields that require translating can be easily wrapped and converted into full translatable version of itself.

  • Requirements

    Umbraco 7+

Key Features

  • Works with the built in property editors
  • Simple and logical user interface
  • User definable pinned tabs for faster editing of frequently used languages
  • Translation indicator to know which languages need translating
  • Language tab syncing across properties
  • Works with Umbraco Cloud
  • Works with Translation Manager

Vorto is an UMCO package.

Project links

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