Spar UK

From many to one

In an effort to standardise their branding across sites and stores, Spar UK set about creating an excellent user experience, as well as a fresh new look and feel to the brand. At the heart of this was one new website, which consolidated information from many regionally managed websites and data sources.

Consolidating from many to one meant developing a custom import tool to handle all the data needed by importing store information and product details from Excel spreadsheets, which had to be created from all kinds of differing data formats.

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    Spar UK

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  • Technologies

    Elastic Search
    Custom Opening Time Indicator
    Custom Data Import Tool

Always Searching

After extensive research with our partner agency, easy to find products and offers were key to the user experience. To address this requirement we built an advanced Elastic Search system that included keyword search, exact phase redirects and a quick search auto fill feature. We used Elastic search again for a geo-searchable store locator featuring a real-time store opening/closing time indicator, another key factor requested by the client based upon customer insights.

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