UCI Road World Championships

Global Cycling Comes to Yorkshire

UCI Road World Championships is a major, global cycling event. 2019 brought eight days of road racing and time trials to our glorious county, mixed in with some classic Yorkshire wet weather!

With our history of building great websites showcasing high profile cycling events, we were selected by Yorkshire 2019, the company tasked with organising the UCI event, to develop the website. Together with our chosen design partner, we created a bold image-lead site with interactive route maps, detailed race information carousels, live race tracking and a slick content editor experience, to make updating imagery, news and spectator information on the fly, as swift and easy as possible. We also had to ensure the site could withstand a extremely high levels of traffic.

  • Client

    Yorkshire 2019 Ltd

  • Deliverables

    Initial Holding Website
    Route mapping
    Event Handling
    Live Tracking
    Design Partner

  • Technologies

    Stacked Content
    Umbraco Forms

Mapping And Tracking FTW

From analysis of other cycling event websites we have built, we understand that route maps are one of the most important elements for users visiting the site; fans, residents and press all use these pages to plan their visits, avoid traffic and report on the event.

So as well as having a clear route map with scroll-able elevation animation and toggle-able routes for each race over the championships, the client had a requirement to add live race tracking to the proceedings. Working with a third party company, we integrated with their APIs for their hardware tracking system, to work with our mapping, creating the live tracking scenario, to the clients satisfaction. 

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