Vendr, eCommerce for Umbraco 8, with simplicity at heart.

Born from our love of Umbraco and the need for a powerful yet simple eCommerce solution for Umbraco 8, Vendr was created to fulfil that need.

Built on the legacy of our v7 eCommerce solution, Tea Commerce, Vendr takes the knowledge learnt from years of development and distills it into a new, fully maintained and future ready solution.

Our approach has been to keep things simple, streamlining processes, maintaining flexibility and bringing the back office in line with Umbraco. That is why Vendr is the best choice for your Umbraco 8+ eCommerce web site.

  • Commercial Package

    eCommerce for Umbraco 8+

  • Key Features

    Simple order management
    Flexible discounting
    Plugable payment providers
    Multi-everything - stores, countries, etc.
    Inbuilt email engine
    Built for Umbraco
    Developer Friendly

  • Key information

    €1,500.00 + VAT per licence
    Licence per domain
    12 months of upgrades
    Fully documented
    Fully supported and maintained solution
    Demo store available

Using Tea Commerce as a basis, retaining the ethos for simple, yet flexible eCommerce, Vendr has been developed with a number of improvements.

Rebuilt and re-engineered from the ground up, using solid yet flexible coding practices, Vendr takes the original ethos of Tea Commerce and brings it right up to date.

And with an upgraded back office UI, the look and feel of Vendr is now fully in-line with the Umbraco back office, meaning developers, content editors and store owners alike will all enjoy a more consistent experience.

Project links

Vendr Website