A Weekend Retreat

CODECABIN is the Umbraco developer unconference.

Back in 2016, together with our good friend Lee Kelleher, we decided to put on a weekend retreat, bringing together some of our fellow Umbraco developers for 3 nights of fun, learning, exchanging of ideas and a chance to forge new friendships.

There are many Umbraco conferences, festivals and meet ups, all of which are great. However, in our experience we found our favourite bits from these events were the in-between, down-time moments where people could converse, ask more in-depth questions and potentially whip out the laptop and hack an idea, but these moments never lasted long enough. So in order to address this CODECABIN was born!


  • Format

    20 Developers
    3 Nights
    1 Unique Experience

When? Where? How?

Having run the weekend for two years, our aim is to continue the annual event each September. We run the event as a not-for-profit, so ticket revenue covers costs for the weekend.

We ask those who wish to attend to apply for a place. Successful attendees will be chosen and sent a link to purchase a low cost ticket to attend. We book a venue large enough to sleep 20+ people and with lists galore, Lucy organises food and beverages orders and attends the weekend in order to caters the event. Matt and Lee lead the weekend, starting with an open circle discussion to plan the sessions for the weekend based on what people vote for allowing for an open and collaborative process.

There will be discussions (mainly about Umbraco, but anything goes). Demos of the latest packages or solutions people have found, as well as a chance to code and hack through ideas (wifi dependant as most large venues are rural). There is plenty of downtime and opportunity for people to head out for walks or a run (the benefit of being somewhere beautiful and rural). 


Codecabin is an UMCO event.

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A fantastic experience! It's rare you get an opportunity to spend time with other developers where you're encouraged to ask questions. A chance to collaborate and a chance to learn. Best of all, it's in a beautiful setting where we were well fed and watered. You guys really did do a wonderful job. EMMA BURSTOW, UMBRACO DEVELOPER, RADELY YELDAR