About UMCO

UMCO is the unofficial name of the open source endeavours of our own Matt Brailsford and Lee Kelleher of Umbrella Inc.

Renowned within the Umbraco community as the pair behind some of the best loved Umbraco packages, and the CODECABIN unconference event, UMCO was formed to help create a home for the duo's open source collaborations.

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Matt Brailsford
Lee Kelleher

The UMCO ethos

The UMCO ethos is to create quality contributions back to the Umbraco community in an open and meaningful way. Be that via package development, talks or community events.

- Photo by Douglas Robar, Percipient Studios

The UMCO Brand

The UMCO brand is a fun play on the name Umbraco, merged with collaboration, which captures the essence of the package development work undertaken by the two of us.

UMCO is our stamp of quality and reassurance that we are committed to every project housed under its name.

Niels Hartvig writes

It’s impossible not to love you guys. Thank you. Niels Hartvig, Umbraco HQ