Strongly Typed View Models

Ditto allows you easily map your Umbraco domain models to simple strongly typed view models.

Out-of-the-box Umbraco comes with the excellent Models Builder which allows you to create strongly typed views with access to your pages entire domain model. Whilst this is simple and seamless, if you are working in teams, sometimes you want to limit what information your front end has access to and this is where view models come in.

With Ditto, mapping your domain model to a view model is as simple as decorating your view model with a few simple mapping attributes. Ditto then creates the view model for you on the fly saving precious time writing repetitive mapping code.

  • Requirements

    Umbraco 7+

Key Features

  • Attribute based API
  • Fast and flexible model mapping
  • Built in caching mechanism

Ditto is an UMCO package.

Project links

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