Nested Content

Top Of The List

Nested Content is the number 1 list editor for Umbraco allowing you to easily create lists of structured data.

Where others had attempted to make structured list editors in Umbraco before, Nested Content was the first of it's breed, reusing Doc Types and property editors to give a powerful yet instantly familiar way of defining those data structures. Nested Content quickly became the de facto list editor and in September 2017 was promoted into the Umbraco core.

Now with full Models Builder support and further optimisations, Nested Content continues to improve and further solidify itself as a true mould breaker.

  • Requirements

    Umbraco 7.7+

Key Features

  • Doc Type based data structures
  • Simple user interface
  • Multi data structure support
  • Custom item labels + icons
  • Works with Umbraco Cloud

Nested Content is an UMCO package.

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